Let’s do it! Carpe Diem


In March 2011, three friends and ex-classmates met at the Café Ritazza in London’s Paddington station.

Purvaai Pvt. Ltd.- Co-Founders

From Top to Bottom: Tarangini Suresh, Priya Raghavan, Sonali Deshpande

Priya, quiet, serious, assisting her family’s business in India remotely from London while at the same time looking for a job or wanting to start a new business in the UK; Sonali, funny, smart, top of the class during our post-graduate studies, already an entrepreneur and mom-of-one; and Tarangini, with previous experience in exporting hand-crafted home linen from India, having recently quit her job in digital marketing, a firm believer in entrepreneurship.

We were there to discuss the wisdom of giving up our respective searches for 9-to-5 jobs and starting off on our own- becoming ‘Entrepreneurs’. After several cups of coffee and tea and more muffins than were good for us, we had decided- we would take the plunge! After all, with a depressed economy and good jobs few and far between, what did we have to lose?

Hand stamped collection (Indian block printing and Kalamkari inspired)

Hand stamped collection (Indian block printing and Kalamkari inspired)

And so it was decided, given our common love for all things beautiful, and particularly Indian, hand-crafted home linen, that was what our business would be. We would start a business with curated, designer, decorative soft-furnishings. In the coming posts we would like to share the story of how we came to start this business and how’re we’re getting on with it- including some tips and tricks of the trade. We hope you’ll enjoy the story, and if you’re on the fence about starting a business yourself, we hope our journey will excite and inspire you enough to do it already!