Brand Ahoy! (Part I)

The very next thing, which actually came out of deciding on “Contemporary Tradition” as our USP was the realization that we needed to build a ‘Brand’.

The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a “Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” This, we believe, is a very good definition of a Brand. It certainly was those same things- Name, term, design, symbol etc. that we had now to think of.

We needed to ensure, our products would be instantly recognizable as being ours, so that in the future people would choose them and ask for them over anyone else’s.

So we started bandying about names. We thought of a number of names- descriptive ones, Indian sounding ones, even unusual ones that actually had nothing to do with our products! We thought it would be fun for us to list here just a few of the names discussed that didn’t make the cut:

The @rtsy Home
The Crafty Needle
Craftesia/ CraftAsia

At this point, we had all developed a brain ache! The suggestions started getting wackier and wackier! One of the names was misheard on a Skype conference call. This name was “Purvaai”. But that was serendipitous! All of a sudden, all three of us realized, it fit with our USP and our ideology, perfectly. In a matter of seconds, we’d all agreed to this name. Isn’t that often how things work? Stuff just seems to fall into place.

The next stage in Branding was creating the logo. Watch this space for Part II of this post, which describes how we did that.

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About Purvaai Home Decor

Purvaai, which means ‘Winds from the East’ in the ancient language Sanskrit, explores and reflects the diversity of Indian art and craft, its cultural influences and a plethora of relationships, which nurture creativity and ingenuity. The range of Indian handicrafts is as diverse as the sub-continent itself. At Purvaai, we aim to share the knowledge about these ancient crafts and create an awareness and appreciation of many of the lesser-known techniques. Our unique designs largely use locally sourced natural fabrics, handcrafted textiles and traditional Indian embroidery techniques. Our product range, which includes cushions, throws and bedspreads, will enliven your home through exquisite art-like designs. The designs are not only reminiscent of vibrant India but also resonate with all the elegance of modern Indian design.

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