Brand Ahoy! (Part II-The hunt for the perfect logo)

In my time at TiE-Boston, the Boston USA chapter of a worldwide business-networking not-for-profit organization, I had worked in Marketing and Communication.

Each year for the annual conference, we commissioned a brochure. This work had been awarded three years in a row to an advertising and design agency based in Pune by the name of Studio Blossoms. They kept getting repeat orders from TiE-Boston because they were just that good!

In that time, the proprietor, Prasad Rasal, had become a friend. When we realized we needed a logo for Purvaai, I knew I wanted to go to Prasad and his team at Studio Blossoms. Their work had been exemplary and they were very, very good about understanding client requirements. Luckily, my partners Sonali and Priya were open to that.

When I mentioned to Prasad that we’d started our own business, he was genuinely happy for us and asked what he could do to help. I explained what we needed- a logo that would stay on with anyone who came into contact with us, one as beautiful as the products we would sell.

As always, he understood perfectly and was super-supportive. So much so that he gave us a break on his regular charges for these services! This was, to a small start-up like ours, a huge deal.

Logo options as provided by StudioBlossoms, Pune

All the gorgeous logos we had to REJECT to pick the best one!!! Criminal waste, we say.

Within a week or so of us having communicated our requirements for a logo, Prasad’s very efficient and extremely talented team had already created no fewer than SEVEN logos!

All of them were beautiful and very relevant to our positioning. They had interpreted the brief so well that all we needed to do was select our favourite. Of course, again, like with the brand name, this was easier said than done. But we managed- the winning logo you can see at the top of this page.

Just like Prasad and Studio Blossoms, there are many others; Photographers, PR professionals, Designers, other e-Commerce retailers and many more, who have helped us in our journey towards becoming successful. Some have offered price breaks, others advice we wouldn’t get anywhere else. One of the things we hope to do through this blog is also thank all these individuals and hopefully get the word out about them. Purvaai supports other small businesses and entrepreneurs.

4 thoughts on “Brand Ahoy! (Part II-The hunt for the perfect logo)

  1. Dear Tarangini
    Many thanks for this article and the efforts taken to compile it.
    There is one request though that the hyperlink of StudioBlossoms fails to open because the url should have been which for some reason is given as http// (: is missing after http)
    It would help those interested to relate properly.

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