London…we are ready to LAUNCH!

What should a little known start up like ours do to attract attention? Dance on the London rooftops aka Mary Poppins or arrive in a sleek Aston Martin aka James Bond. Quintessentially British – and oh yes that’ll attract attention – of the London Metropolitan Police and NOT the retailers (rolling eyes)!!

So we have resorted to more traditional methods (not anywhere as exciting as the above – but realistic) like getting featured in a trade magazine, inviting retailers by sending them postcards and listing ourselves in the exhibition directory.

Progressive Gift and Home feature

Progressive Gifts and Home is a renowned trade magazine with 7000+ worldwide circulation. They always do a feature article on new products showcasing at Top Drawer. We are thrilled to bits that they agreed to feature us as one of the highlights. Not bad, eh?

We are eternally grateful to Anita Mackenzie ( and Lisa Long ( for all their advice and support, both having previously exhibited at Top Drawer. Taking their suggestion of being proactive before the actual trade show, we created postcards with some of our snazziest images and posted it out to our target retailers. This invitation also gives a sneak preview of what to expect at our exhibition stand! Like we always say, what would we do without friends like you? Anita and Lisa, thank you ever so much!

Postcard Front

Postcard Back

Lastly, what happens when the buyers have had a look around, grabbed the goodie bags, downed a litre of coffee and taken the exhibitor directory back home. Aha, we have covered this avenue too with a detailed listing of Purvaai for them to refer to at leisure.

And the hysteria is just beginning – wish us luck!

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About Purvaai Home Decor

Purvaai, which means ‘Winds from the East’ in the ancient language Sanskrit, explores and reflects the diversity of Indian art and craft, its cultural influences and a plethora of relationships, which nurture creativity and ingenuity. The range of Indian handicrafts is as diverse as the sub-continent itself. At Purvaai, we aim to share the knowledge about these ancient crafts and create an awareness and appreciation of many of the lesser-known techniques. Our unique designs largely use locally sourced natural fabrics, handcrafted textiles and traditional Indian embroidery techniques. Our product range, which includes cushions, throws and bedspreads, will enliven your home through exquisite art-like designs. The designs are not only reminiscent of vibrant India but also resonate with all the elegance of modern Indian design.

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