Cushions from the Silk Collection

Silk Collection: Parrot Cushion with Hand-embellishment and Shibori Tie&Dye

Purvaai, which means ‘Winds from the East’ in the ancient language Sanskrit, was founded in early 2011 to share with the world our love for quality home linen inspired by the rich handicraft traditions of South Asia.

The range of Indian handicrafts is as diverse as the sub-continent itself. At Purvaai, we aim to share the knowledge about these ancient crafts and create an awareness and appreciation of many of the lesser-known techniques.

Our unique designs largely use locally sourced natural fabrics, handcrafted textiles and traditional Indian embroidery techniques. Our product range includes decorative cushions, throws and bedspreads. To see our complete range, order online or to become a reseller please visit http://www.purvaai.co.uk.

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  1. Hello! Really like a lot of your designs and prints. Is there any way one could buy your products in Mumbai India? Would absolutely adore to have some of the cushions and quilts..

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